Alex is a professionally-trained flautist and ethnic woodwind specialist with over 15 years of experience performing and recording flutes both as a session player and throughout his own soundtracks. He has over 30 different wind instruments from around the world, many of which he has collected himself while travelling to different countries and exploring the diverse music traditions of the world. Here are a selection of some of the instruments in his collection and their country of origin:

Dizi, Xiao, Bawu, Hulusi - China, East Asia

Shakuhachi - Japan, East Asia

Native American Drone Flute - North America (Indigenous)

Quena, Panpipes - Andes, South America

Khlui, Khene - Thailand/Laos, South East Asia

Irish flute, tin whistle - Ireland, Europe

Duduk - Armenia, Eurasia

Ney - Egypt, Africa

Suling - Bali, Indonesia