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'This is music to listen to when you are in the mood to fantasize about a place with no restrictions and deadlines, a place where time stands still and you can get lost without worrying you won’t find your way back. Alex Burnett's music speaks to me in one of the most intimate ways. It knows me and I know it. It’s a nice moment when nothing from the outside world matters.'

- Soundtrack Dreams

"Never Seen a Doctor managed to rise above its reality TV trappings, including a jaunty score that might have been repurposed from an old episode of Come Dine With Me."

- The Guardian (Review)


'We still love the theme you wrote even after listening to it a hundred times. Awesome job!'

- Dan Clemo, Co-founder and CEO of Bean&Gone


"You were an absolute star, hope to get you back soon!"

- Rhean Archibald, Producer at The Last Leg


"There is this ominous music to remind you that there is danger literally right behind you. It suits the mood of the game perfectly."

- Games Bulletin (Review)


'Alex's score for our documentary was everything I hoped it would be and more. He created a wonderfully rich, cinematic sound which perfectly complemented the images and elevated the whole film. Alex is a pleasure to work with and is thoroughly recommended!'

- Steve Ramsden, Director/Founder at Unexplored Films


'In Alex, I was fortunate to find a composer who analyses a film and then complements it with a composition that follows its emotional path. I was more than pleased with the music Alex wrote for the film and would happily recommend him to another filmmaker looking for an original score.'

 - Felicity Boylett, Director of Birds

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